About the Alumni Relations Office


The Alumni Relations Office (ARO) was created by virtue of Administrative Order Number 220 s., 2015 issued on December 24, 2015 by Dr. Dammang S. Bantala, President, Cotabato City State Polytechnic College.  Through the AO, the ARO will serve as the link between CCSPC, its Alumni and former students.  The ARO intends to encourage their involvement in the institution’s activities and strives to increase alumni participation.  The Office works in collaboration and coordination with the Alumni Association in its projects and maintains harmonious relationship and sustaining loyalty and enthusiasm among alumni. The ARO is headed by a Director. 


Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives




The alumni relations office is envisioned to provide a sustaining a life-long commitment of the graduates to their alma mater and supportive in the realization of CCSPC’s vision, mission and strategic goals.




The office of alumni relations will provide the graduates of CCSPC an effective mechanism and venue by which they can meaningfully interact and collaborate with their alma mater to advance its social mission and to build productive careers in changing society.




Inspire alumni to maintain a lifelong connection with their alma mater.  This shall be achieved by implementing the following:



Action Plan

Measurable Outcomes















Communicate strategically with graduates to create and enhance affinity with the campus




Enhance communication with the campus to create widespread opportunities for campus outreach





Expand opportunities for alumni involvement


·   Increase participation in social

·   Obtain sponsors for printed newsletter

·   Increase participation in special events


·   Send semi-annual report of activities

·   Host semi-annual forums to encourage alumni outreach

·   Create alumni relations working group that meets quarterly to discuss best practices


·   Strategically launch regional chapters

·   Develop alumni volunteer program

·   Increase special event offerings to attract wider audience

·   Use alumni to attract more students to study at CCSPC both at the undergraduate and graduate levels




The Alumni Relations Office shall:


1.         Serve as liaison between the institution and alumni;

2.         Coordinate, direct, and facilitate activities, projects and programs beneficial to stakeholders;

3.  Encourage alumni to engage and involve actively in the institution’s outreach/community     services programs anchored on transformative education model;

4.        Develop programs that will provide access to alumni towards the development and enhancement of professional career and employment opportunities;

5.  Promote pride, strong bonds and meaningful social relationship among graduates;

6.   Concertize the spirit of community of friends among and between alumni through social related programs.

7.    Establish and cultivate strong relations with alumni and friends of Cotabato High School, Cotabato City National High School, Laboratory High School and Cotabato City State Polytechnic College through communications, programs, and services;

8.        Serve as the primary resource for alumni services and programs, working with colleges and schools to promote alumni involvement;

9.         Identify, motivate and train strong alumni volunteers to raise scholarship funds and foster student recruitment for the Cotabato City State Polytechnic College.

10.  Encourage diversity by increasing the involvement of minority and young alumni in the life and support of the university.




1.   Alumni Profile Update (AUP) – This service aims to create a venue in gathering relevant data and information about the alumni which will serve as a basis in updating alumni profile.

2.       Registration of all Alumni by accomplishing the Alumni Membership Form

3.       Creation of an Alumni Database.



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