Sec. 1.       The College shall have a Vice President for Administration and Finance who shall be appointed/ designated by the President of the College, subject to the confirmation of the Board of Trustees. In case of a regular plantilla position or designation, appointment to the said position shall require that he shall be at least a holder of a doctorate degree, with at least five (5) years of administrative management and academic experience, finance and/ or research extension and production experience. His term of office as designated officer shall be four (4) years without prejudice to subsequent re-designations.


Sec. 2.       He shall assist the College President in the general supervision of the operations of the fiscal and administrative affairs of the College in accordance with existing government and College policies, guidelines, rules and regulations.


Sec. 3.       He shall have the following specific powers and functions:


a.                To act as Officer-In-Charge of the College in the absence of the President when so designated;


b.               To supervise, coordinate and monitor the activities of the administrative and support services of officials and employees of the College and of the affiliate agencies/ institutions operating within the campus, if so provided in the Memorandum of Agreement on the establishment of the same;


c.            To coordinate the recruitment of faculty and staff, and act as Chairman of the Selection and Promotion Board of the College in the case of employees;


d.          To represent the College in conferences, seminars and other similar meetings on matters affecting administrative programs and activities if so authorized by the College President;


e.                To submit a regular report of work progress to the President;


f.               To serve as ex-official chairman of the standing committee on the pre-qualifications, bids, and awards of infrastructure and other construction projects of the College;


g.           To help and undertake activities that will keep the College abreast with recent developments;


h.                To act as Vice Chairman of the Administrative and Research and Extension Councils; and


i.                  To exercise such other duties and functions as may be delegated by the President.



The Offices Under the Vice President for Administration and Finance


a.            The Office for Finance and Administrative Management

b.            The Office for Research and Development

c.      The Office for Extension Services





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